How to Write a Good Business Proposal?

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04 Apr How to Write a Good Business Proposal?

How to Write a Good Business Proposal?

Creating a good proposal for a client is an important step in conducting successful business.

Below you’ll find a list of proposal section titles and how they relate the the three most persuasive elements of a proposal:

Problem Statement — Client Needs, Client Goals, Client Objectives, Goals and Objectives
Recommended Solution — Recommended Solution, Recommended Strategy
Pricing information — Fee Summary, Fee Schedule, Project Pricing
You’ll want to classify your proposals by size and create a template for each: Large and Small (Medium is optional.)

This makes it easy to know when to use which proposal. A small project like a three page website will get a small proposal.

That’s because you can get away with a simple estimate on these jobs. But pricing information isn’t enough, you want to include an element of persuasion.

Small Proposal Outline

Client Needs
Recommended Solution
Fee Summary
Next Steps

The large one isn’t much bigger than the small one but it includes timeframe information which helps the client envision how your process is going to work.

Large Proposal Outline

Goals and Objectives
Recommended Solution
Fee Summary
Fee Schedule
Estimated Project Schedule
Next Steps
Terms and Conditions

Don’t Forget To Close

Notice that both proposal outlines include a “Next Steps” section. This is critical — don’t forget to close! You’ve gone through the trouble of identifying their problem, drafting a solution and giving an estimate, so make sure you include clear instructions on what they need to next.

If you want to include a Company Information page or a Clients section, feel free to do so as long as it comes after the pricing information. We want to structure the information in the most persuasive manner possible, so keep things about yourself (or company) towards the bottom.

We hope that you will use this technique and start creating better proposals.

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