How much slow website cost you?

Slow website

08 Apr How much slow website cost you?

How much slow website cost you?

Waiting for a web page to open not only short-term boredom and time for nail biting, but also a heavy burden for your visitors.

We will explain you how slow website actually cost you money.

Cost you money

So, do you have your new website, which is also unique! You have great animation, optimized content and beautiful colors.
But …
Research has shown that 57% of users leave the website for only 3 seconds!
Average time reading for first 2000’s best web sites is 10 seconds.
10% faster than in 2011 but still not perfect!
Web site each year, becoming more and more complex but it is also expected that they will have better speed!

first 2000 websites opening time

If your website is slow, you start to lose money… Fast!

Research has shown that decelerate of your website just for 1 second can cause:

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  • 11% visit
  • 16% reduction in customer satisfaction
  • 7% lowers on sale


When Amazon would slow down their service for just one second, it would mean a year: 1.6 billion dollars.
Speaking of billionaire, the average response time for, top 50 online stores: 4.83 seconds.


Online Shop

In 2012 year, 167 million users in the U.S. has shopped through the internet.
This is more than half of the U.S. population.
By 2016 there will be over 192 million customers in the United States.
Growth in buying online in 2012 will increase by 10%

According to Forrester Research Inc. there ‘online’ customers will be spending 62% more money up to the year 2016.
So, if your company does not currently make a lot of money online, it surely will soon!

Fast website earns money?

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  • 1 out of 10 dollars spent online is spent via mobile devices.
  • 9% of entire online trading in the second half of 2012 is done with tablets and mobile devices
  • 1 of 4 users has visited websites only with mobile devices
  • 60% of users expect to mobile version of the website open in 3 seconds
  • 74% of users will leave your site if it does not open within 5 seconds on a mobile device.

Do not waste your money because your website can not accept an increase in visitors and new technology.
Let the speed of your website become a priority and then ENJOY the increase visits and sales!


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