Google vs Bing

google vs bing

05 Apr Google vs Bing

Google vs Bing

You might have been asking yourself. Which search engine should I use? You have also probably witnessed a ‘little war’ between browsers and many small programs that they are installing on your computer asking you to set up their browser as your default. Everyone today is fighting for their piece of the market. Accordingly if you prefer IE you will have the BING search engine set up by default. On the other hand, Google chrome will set up… Hmm… You’ll guess. But the ultimate question is this. Which search engine should I use? Which one is better? In the text below I will try to give you a best possible answer.

I’ve tested both search engines for their strengths and weaknesses.

So here’s a look at how they stack up:

Google advantage:

1) Provides more relevant information.

Google provides more relevant information compared to Bing. I tested the phrase, “car safety” looking for useful info on cars specification regarding safety.
It was obvious that Google came up with better results.
I had an euroncap website on second page. While on Bing it hasn’t shown up in the first five pages!

Aldo, Bing’s recent changes in algorithm make it a better search option, it’s still lacking in terms of result quality in response to informational queries.

2) Instant search saves time.

Although Google and Bing both offer instant search features — which display potential search queries as you’re typing into the search box — Google’s instant search tends to provide more relevant results, more quickly.

To measure this, I began entering the sample query, “latest Packers score” into both engines. Google provided this as a possible query result after only “latest Pack,” while Bing required the full “latest Packers s” to turn up the same result.

3) Google products provide more background information.

If you use any of Google’s other products — such as Google Translate or Google maps, calendar you will find yourself hard to let go this useful tool in your disposal. While Bing offers similar products they aren’t nearly as widely adopted as Google’s offerings.

Now, let’s look at Bing.

Bing advantage

1) Social integrations are stronger.

If you are using, and you probably are, social network media, you’ll find Bing more appropriate search engine. Bing’s results win in terms of the smoothness of its social integrations. The company’s contracts with both Facebook and Twitter give it access to more social data than Google, which must rely on the lesser-used Google+ network.

2) The results pages are more attractive.

Bing is more visual appealing than Google.
google vs bing - Positive Studio

In many ways, Bing’s results look like Google’s used to, but now Bing’s is way ahead Google regarding visual pleasure.

¬†Bottom line:¬†Everyone’s search engine use comes down to personal preference. Regarding what you prefer or appreciate more. Google will give you better results considering usefulness, and products. Bing’s has better social network media integration and visual. Which one will you choose it’s all up to you…

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